v    CSSO provides services at all the Egyptian ports on the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea as well as Inland Roads and final warehouses.


v     Main services are :-


ü      Surveying.


ü      Supervising.


ü      Tallying.


ü      Investigation.


a)  Surveying:


ô    Making drafts survey for dry and liquid bulk cargoes.


ô   Surveying lighters and barges to ascertain their worthiness for loading bulk cargoes during rivers and inland journeys.  


ô    Surveying at consignees final warehouses.


ô    Surveying warehouses, building and cold stores to determine the worthiness for their purposes for the account of insurance companies.


ô    Surveying ship's holds before loading to determine their worthiness and issued certificate.


ô    Attending sealing operation for ship's hatches after completion of loading or before discharge and conform with the certificate available with ship's master in respect of condition, quantity and places of seals.


ô  Surveying containers before loading or after unloading to determine the condition of sides, ceiling, floor and their cleanness.


ô    Surveying exported cargoes (agriculture + industrial) at consignees' warehouses and within Egyptian ports.


ô   Surveying trucks, vehicles accidents and the damaged cargoes insured under inland insurance polices.


ô   Surveying all sorts of cargoes insured under marine insurance polices at all stages of handling operation within the Egyptian ports.


ô    Surveying cargoes insured under marine insurance policies before loading on Lorries for the inland journey in order to separate the damages due to the sea journey from same might be happened during the inland journey. 


ô    Checking ship's holds of reefers and temperature degrees for frozen cargoes at the time of ship's arrival.



b) Supervising:


ô  Following up ship's arrival to all the Egyptian ports and determine the consignments which the office was assigned to supervise them and state their condition.


ô    Supervising the consignments of food & frozen cargoes and make sure of temperature degrees and sufficiency of reefers & power feeding at all stages of handling operation.


ô  Supervising loading on and unloading from vessels to state the condition of the cargoes.


ô  Supervising weighing cargoes on customs scales, otherwise, make sure of its sufficiency and requesting recalibration or repairing in case they are defected.


ô   Supervising handling of containers (FCL & LCL) in order to find out any problems (such as cases of empty containers).



c) Tallying:


ô   Tallying all sorts of consignment and issuing relevant certificates.


ô   Tallying barges and Lorries loaded with bulk cargoes to preserve them from pilferage and make sure they are covered and sealed.


ô    Tallying cargoes shipped on board and inform the concerned insurance company.



d) Investigation:


Checking claims and making investigations on the circumstances surrounded any claim on behalf of insurance companies ( liability & medical insurance ) in respect of accident happened to foreigner or Egyptian citizens during their stay in Egypt.