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CSSO Identification



1)    It is the first Arab essence which is specialized in survey works with the target of preventing and minimizing losses for cargoes.


2)    It is the senior experiment in the Egyptian insurance sector for surveying cargoes insured with the insurance Co.


3)    It is the honest safeguard in preserving the rights of our clients and the national economic.


4)    CSSO has an independent personality registered at the Egyptian Supervisory Authority under No. 2/1984.


5)    CSSO is a member in the permanent committee for developing the port of Alexandria.








¨    CSSO has a group of well qualified surveyors, with educative behavior, high degrees of accuracy and skills in achieving their jobs.


¨      Permanent existence within the Egyptian ports.


¨     Immediate response to the applications of survey through the office branches which spread over all Egyptian ports and at the final warehouses.


¨      Preserving its senior spot at the region since it has been started working in 1968 by matching the economic progress and scientific technology.


¨      Regular training to all staff.


¨    Cooperate with the scientific specialization and analysis parties in case of very accurate fields.


¨     Being neutral in dealing with all clients through transparency in achieving our job.








 1- Income along the last five years

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 2- The total No of reports that issued along the last five years at the Egyptian ports

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 3- Some cases which we successfully dealt with and avoided the insurance companies to pay compensation of those losses. During the period from 2003/2004 till 2007/2008

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 4- The consignment which were surveyed in all Egyptian ports from 2005/2006 to 2007/2008

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 5- Number of vessels that their draft have been measured during the last five years

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