1) On 15/1/1968 CSSO started its activity by establishing the main Office in Alexandria. In 1973 a decision of the Ministry of Assurance No. 47 was issued to give the office the independent legal personality.

2) CSSO activities expanded to cover all the Egyptian ports through establishing permanents branches in the main ports (Alexandria Dekhella Port Said Damietta Suez). And daily existence in the other ports (Sokhna S.C.C.T Abu Qir).

3) CSSO established a permanent branch in Cairo to achieve surveys at consignees final destination and Cairo Airport.

4) CSSO also achieves surveys for the inland accident and Industrial Areas.

5) CSSO has a large number of well qualified surveyors in all fields of surveying. It also has a high class Information Technology section which succeeded to establish an Informational Data Base which plays an important role in doing the office job.


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